Class.Room with new modules

Créée par Frank Scherenschlich - Class.Ing |

The modularized standard software Class.Room provides two more modules, simplifying the work with the system and the provision of data.

On the one hand, using a catalog-based online maintenance interface the user can maintain directly in the web interface. This type of care is particularly good for minor or quick changes. The maintenance of eCl@ss and other classification standards is also integrated.

On the other hand, a module is available for the easy creation of customized Excel spreadsheets. If your customer once again delivers his Excel template, which you have to fill out, then we have the perfect solution. By having a flexible variable mechanism, the requirements can be met quickly and sustainably.

Derive UNSPSC from eCl@ss

Use eCl@ss to meet the new market requirements in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. For public tenders in the healthcare sector, the UNSPSC Code has to be handed for all articles. Class.Ing supports with existing mappings between the standards and knows the detailed market requirements. We gladly support your company in the fulfillment of upcoming tasks.

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