SeMarket 4.0 - a common project together with IOTA and Neoception

Créé par Detlev Raguse |

In a project team from IOTA Foundation, Neoception GmbH, Helmut-Schmidt-University, Otto-von-Guericke-University and eCl@ss e. V. the project SeMarket 4.0 was developed.

A goal is the development of an electronic market place (eMarket). There, suppliers and consumers of data, products or services communicate with each other using the eCl@ss standard. The IOTA protocol on this eMarket ensures confidential and manipulation-safe data transmission and at the same time serves as a payment system. With this technology, we can implement the extension in the eCl@ss license model (pay per IRDI).

DEG supports the project and eCl@ss office supports coordination and documentation. A large part of the required budget was provided by the participants and in mid-April 2019 a solution workshop will take place in which the work packages will be specified. Afterwards the implementation starts.

Neoception und IOTA

In the meantime, Neoception and the IOTA Foundation have expanded the eCl@ss demonstrator and linked it to the IOTA tangle. A corresponding showcase on the eCl@ss demonstrator was made available just in time for the Hanover Fair 2019. The extension of the demonstrator showcases how industrial sensor data can be transmitted and stored in the tangle. The live data can then be accessed through an encrypted MAM channel in form of a time constrained subscription. The subscription is enforced via the IOTA tangle. While all data send to the tangle is tagged with eCl@ss properties, this enables a remote machine or service to discover the right data set and automatically buy access to the data. A first step towards the semantic market (SeMarket 4.0) place to be developed.


As we've already reported, with effect from November 1, 2018 IOTA Foundation became a new Ordinary member of the eCl@ss association. IOTA is the producer of a digital payment system and produces one of the ten largest crypto currencies.