Promising first step into Russia

Créé par Markus Reigl |

A first eCl@ss presentation and exchange of viewpoints on industrial semantics took place on April 17th 2019 at the office of KODEKS in St.-Petersburg.

The contact to KODEKS, a professional IT firm serving the Russian industries with norms and standards, emerged in the context of the German-Russian (BDO/OA-RSPP) project on standardization. The Russian side actively requested the engagement of eCl@ss e.V. in the “ontologies and semantics” working group WG3.2, where Siemens and SAP will also contribute.

According to KODEKS officials, the Russian industries such as GAZPROM, ROSNEFT and KAMAZ are seeking classification and property representation technologies and standards.

Further information on KODEKS are to be found here