eCl@ss visited the CNIS China National Institute of Standardization

Créé par Xu Jun, eCl@ss office China |

On July 16, 2018 the eCl@ss delegation, consisting of Markus Reigl (Chairman of the eCl@ss board), Thorsten Kroke (General Manager eCl@ss), Reinhard Pohn (Head of eCl@ss office Austria), Dirk Machentanz (Head of eCl@ss office China) and Ms. Xu Jun (eCl@ss office China), visited the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) in Beijing and talked about ways to establish long-term cooperation.

As early as 2006, CNIS and eCl@ss signed a general cooperation agreement on the basis of which CNIS had made the localization of eCl@ss Version 6.1 in Chinese.Vice President Mr. QIU Yueming welcomed the eCl@ss representatives to the CNIS Head Quarters.Another 10 CNIS experts from different departments, such as the High-Tech & Information Standardization Department or the National E-Business Standardization Department, also attended the meeting.

The China National Institute of Standardization (known as the Institute of Standardization of the State Science and Technology Commission when set up in 1963) is directly subordinate to AQSIQ. As a national social service institution dedicated to standardization researches, it mainly addresses the global, strategic and comprehensive standardization issues in national economy and social development of China.

The Sub-Institute of High and New Technology & Information Standardization is committed to meeting the demands of the state, industries, and enterprises for information standardization. It focuses on information classification and coding, data elements, metadata, data exchange, business processes and their standardization. It aims to provide solutions of information standardization for various institutions.