eCl@ss theme day for suppliers of the automotive industry on May 16th, 2017

Spot common potentials, start initiatives, enable business and create sustainable added value.

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are developments, which will affect not only economic processes, but also technological ecosystems. Moreover they contain the potential to change sustainably established mechanisms and structures. One of the basements of the digitalization is the control of autonomously acting objects, which exchange data and information. The basis and the condition are formed by standards. The standards provide both technically and contentwise syntax and semantic, which are free of any context and interpretation.

eCl@ss is distributed more and more as a standard for classification and description of products. Even in the automotive industry the standard is used by leading manufacturers. Furthermore various suppliers already provide product information via eCl@ss. Thereby they create a measurable added value for data receivers, whether internal or external. The potential of this standard as an industry solution has been spotted and will be developed further iteratively. The cooperation of eCl@ss and thyssenkrupp AG invite to a common introductory workshop for the application of eCl@ss in the automotive industry. As part of this event the structure of eCl@ss, the potential utility and the advantages of the application for all participants will be discussed. In addition those companies, which are involved in the process chain, will present their experience with eCl@ss. The mutual exchange of experiences will be encouraged.

Afterwards issue-specific workshops will follow to promote the common further development of the eCl@ss standard. The long-term objective is to establish a community, which spots the common needs and works out proposals for solution.