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On September 19, 2018 the eCl@ss association invited its members to the German Economic Institute in Cologne for the 18th eCl@ss General Assembly, which was for the first time held in English.

eCl@ss Chairman Markus Reigl (Siemens) and eCl@ss General Manager Thorsten Kroke led the participants through the agenda. The agenda included the business year of 2017/2018, the vote on the amendment of the Charter of the Association, Questions to the Board and the forecast for 2018/2019 but most importantly the election of the board.

Discharge and Election

The acting members of the board were officially discharged of their responsibilities for the last business year. Mr Markus Reigl, Dr Gunther Kegel and Dr Matthias Fankhänel were re-elected, while four new candidates Mrs Christiane Mann (Schneider Electric), Dr Sebastian Appelhans (thyssenkrupp), Mr Oliver Hillermeier (SAP) and Dr Christoph Thim (BSH Hausgeräte) were newly elected into the board.

Greetings from the chairman of the board Markus Reigl (Siemens AG)

The association and its product, the eCl@ss Standard, thrives on the commitment of its members. This is why I am thankful that this was also expressed by the numerous participants and the large participation at the general assembly. Fortunately, there were mostly positive facts to be reported to the member audience: significant growth in the number of members as well as downloads, the association situated in a promising stage to get the standard introduced in major trading platforms such as Alibaba and ecl@ss standards being widely acknowledged to be the first choice when looking for semantics in Industry 4.0 use cases. Certainly, I was happy about the voted confirmation of my chairmanship for the next two years. More importantly however, was the election of four well reputable industry professionals, representing major eCl@ss makers/users such as Schneider-Electric, ThyssenKrupp, Bosch-Siemens-Hausgeräte and SAP. All of them have provided valuable contributions to the standard already. I am confident that they will set the needed impulses to guide the eCl@ss standard from its number one position in e-business towards the more demanding use cases of Industry 4.0. I trust the new board team will drive the association much further beyond existing achievements and dearly believe what has already been achieved can only be surpassed. We are all fully committed.