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Experts from various standardization committees (eCl@ss, BIM, VDI, VDMA) discuss the technological and economic potential and prerequisites for the use of digital twins in automation systems.


On 7 February 2019, speakers from various companies and organizations reported on the status of their work in the context of the workshop "eCl@ss and Automation Functions" at the TU Dresden at the Institute for Applied Computer Science.

For the computer-assisted work in all phases of an automation system (design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning, maintenance) digital twins of the components used are necessary, which in turn are available in catalogs on the WWW. These digital twins must contain all the relevant technical and economic data of the original, so that these data can be transferred to CAX systems and integrated as needed into the digital twin of the overall system (e.g., BIM, AML structures).

A newly formed working group has set itself the objective of implementing a standardized, uniform concept for the precise description of functions for software applications based on examples and their representation in eCl@ss.

You can get further information via TU Dresden and the eCl@ss head office.