A step in the right direction: Switzerland

Créé par Alexandra Bouchain |

A statement by Class.Ing CEO Frank Scherenschlich on the opening of the new eCl@ss office in Switzerland.

"We as Class.Ing have been very active in Switzerland in recent years. In various digitization projects, we were able to successfully use the eCl@ss standard in various industries or to provide consulting services. Important examples here are certainly the Insel Gruppe or Migros. eCl@ss is becoming more international and is also playing an increasingly important role in Switzerland. 

But we have also noticed that spatial proximity plays a big role. Thus, we have decided to become active in Switzerland with our own office and better serve prospects and customers "on the spot". This time we also took over the eCl@ss office and will offer a comprehensive service here. We are looking forward to the new task and many interesting discussions ... "

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Scherenschlich
Managing Director of the Class.Ing