Nos congrès, journées thématiques et assemblées générales permettent un échange régulier des savoir-faire et de poser les jalons pour l’avenir.

Ici, vous trouvez un aperçu des événements à venir.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Créée par eCl@ss office |
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eCl@ss goes Asia

Créée par eCl@ss office |


In the context of this year´s CEATEC 2019, Thorsten Kroke and Markus Reigl travelled to Japan from October 14-18, 2019. Besides a presentation by...

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b-synced - The GDSN data pool of Bayard Consulting Group

Créée par Caroline Julia Arens | Bayard Consulting Group |


The GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) is a worldwide, standardized network of certified data pools through which industry and retail...

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eCl@ss at Zuken Innovation World

Créée par eCl@ss office |

From 30.09.-01.10.2019 the eCl@ss office participated in the Zuken Innovation World and represented eCl@ss at the ZUKEN Component Cloud joint booth...

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IOTA Foundation launches Industry Marketplace, the World’s First Autonomous and Decentralized Marketplace

Créée par Holger Köther, IOTA |

The Industry Marketplace, Leveraging IOTA’s Distributed Ledger Technology, will enable increased Interconnectivity between Humans, Machines, and...

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Project "Improvement CR" - Simplify change requests

Créée par eCl@ss head office |

One of the big advantages of the eCl@ss standard is the continuous expansion of content. The basis for these enhancements are the change requests from...

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eCl@ss Introductory On-Site-Consulting at Schneider Electric China

Créée par XU Jun, eCl@ss office China |

Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and...

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Automated Product Master Data Maintenance Siemens Teamcenter enables eCl@ss Advanced for Engineering

Créée par Armin Haße, Siemens AG |

In the summer of this year (2019), a search for the term “Stammdatenpflege” (master data maintenance) on the job portal StepStone suggests that the...

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Créée par eCl@ss office |

Together with the eCl@ss e.V. member and IT-Service-Provider PARADINE, the new eCl@ss Release 11.0 was published today!


Starting today the...

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W3C eCl@ss Meeting at Siemens Munich

Créée par Markus Reigl, Siemens AG |

On the occasion of the launch of the W3C WOT (Web of Things) standards on June 3, 2019 at Siemens Munich, the eCl@ss Leadership Markus Reigl, Thorsten...

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Cooperation with DKE: Joint Pioneer Project on Industry 4.0 Content

Créée par Detlef Raguse, eCl@ss office |

The focus of the existing cooperation between IEC, SG3D and eCl@ss is the project d-m@p, which should enable the automatic exchange of content between...

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Hager suppliers in China use eCl@ss

Créée par XU Jun, eCl@ss office China |

Since March 2019, and on the initiative of the German headquarters, Hager Electric (Huizhou) has been encouraging its Chinese suppliers, in the field...

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Chinese eCl@ss search option is now online

Créée par Xu Jun, eCl@ss office China |

In response to frequent requests from Chinese users, the eCl@ss search option has now been extended to Chinese. In addition to the language selection...

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"One Million Digital Twins"

Créée par eCl@ss office |

Rainer Rohr, Director Reliability, Maintenance & Technical Materials Management, BASF SE
Reinhard Pohn, CEO, Paradine GmbH

  • Master Data in the Life...
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eCl@ss Upgrade to Release 11.0

Créée par Frank Scherenschlich, Class.Ing |

The new eClass Release 11.0 is just around the corner. Class.Ing provides automated data upgrades based on expanded update files as well as a...

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