A major release comes out about every two years. A release represents an update of the existing standard in a new version. The current release, numbered 10.0.1, added five new segments, from human medicine to clothing, as well as 2,000 commodity classes and 1,500 properties. To this end, more than 10,000 changes were made, including new additions, reorganizations, further developments and updates. Between the major releases, smaller updates or minor releases are also published. We publish machine-readable files for each new version. In this regard, eCl@ss is the only standard worldwide that enables automatic migration, thanks to this machine-readable capability. 

Each company can decide for itself how to use the standard most effectively:

  • The purchase of a simple license allows unlimited use of the associated release.
  • A concordance license grants usage rights for all subsequent releases and mappings, in return for a yearly fee. 
  • Membership comes with the free use of all licenses, while also offering further opportunities to help shape the standard. 


Even if eCl@ss lets all objects speak a common language, people haven’t yet reached this point. For this reason, eCl@ss users place high value on the variety of languages offered. In addition to full translations into English and German, partial translations are provided in French, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese and other languages. A detailed overview is available here.

We’re working daily to complete existing language versions and add new languages. Which ones those will be depends on the user-community experts who are helping to develop the standard. You too can send us suggestions, desires or contributions at any time. 

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