W3C eCl@ss Meeting at Siemens Munich

Created by Markus Reigl, Siemens AG |

On the occasion of the launch of the W3C WOT (Web of Things) standards on June 3, 2019 at Siemens Munich, the eCl@ss Leadership Markus Reigl, Thorsten Kroke, Nikolaus Ondraczek and Wolfgang Jedich have met the W3C WOT representatives Dr. Dave Raggett, Dr. Sebastian Käbisch and Dr. Darko Anicic. The parties exchanged viewpoints as of the possibilities to use eCl@ss product property repositories in the IoT asset representation model WOT / TD (Thing Description). Both parties agreed upon a draft scheme to follow up the cooperation. The parties expressed the willingness to close an MoU. Making eCl@ss related product data available in asset representation mechanism such as the WOT/TD will significantly boost the usability of eCl@ss based industrial semantics in Smart-X (X=City, Building, Factory) systems and solutions.

Dr. Dave Raggett (3rd from left) is known as the inventor of the HTML Webstandard.