The new ECLASS Board

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We are very happy and warmly welcome Markus Reigl (Siemens), Dr. Christoph Thim (BSH), Oliver Hillermeier (SAP), Artur Bondza (Pepperl+Fuchs) and Dr. Matthias Bölke (Schneider Electric) in the newly elected ECLASS board! Congratulations!


On September 16, 2020, the board was elected as part of the General Assembly 2020. Markus Reigl, Dr. Christoph Thim and Oliver Hillermeier were confirmed in office. Artur Bondza and Dr. Matthias Bölke were newly elected.

The strategic orientation of the ECLASS e.V.

The new ECLASS Board of Directors confirmed the strategic direction taken in July 2019, which was presented at the General Assemblies 2019 and 2020. The primary strategic goal is to spread the ECLASS Standard. Multipliers such as large companies, software providers or cooperation partners will play a decisive role in spreading ECLASS in defined key countries such as France, Germany, China, Russia, Japan or the USA. ECLASS itself is an important piece of the puzzle in the requirements of digitization. Attention is also paid to the quality of the ECLASS content. Last but not least, requirements from the I4.0 community show that alternative distribution channels and business models will be important in the future, e.g. the ECLASS Webservice. The strategic working groups actively and successfully develop operational solutions.