Plan buildings effectively with eCl@ss & by CADENAS

Created by Lieve Nantke |

Large building projects, such as a hospital, take a very long time to complete due to a lack of communication between the various individuals responsible for the construction phases. Building Information Modeling (BIM) serves as a necessary measure to optimize the exchange of information among all those involved in the project and to avoid misunderstandings in the planning. The classification system eCl@ss also meets the needs of the growing importance of BIM and provides architects, planners and civil engineers with the subject area 22, entitled construction technology.

CADENAS is very active in BIM as a long-standing eCl@ss IT service provider. As a leading provider for 3D & 2D manufacturer catalogs and intelligent engineering CAD data, CADENAS has adapted, extended and optimized its proven technology for the BIM & architect area and aligned it with the special requirements of the architecture sector. With, manufacturers of construction components can make their products available for download in all common AEC and BIM CAD formats. The CADENAS platform thus serves as a link between manufacturers of building products and customers such as architects, planners and civil engineers.

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