New cooperation between ECLASS and buildingSMART Germany

Created by André Lindner | ECLASS Head Office |

In addition to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) already concluded in 2017 between ECLASS and buildingSMART International, an additional MoU has now also been agreed upon with buildingSMART Germany. Both contractual partners share a commitment to the standardization of product information with the aim of optimizing the use of this product data in Building Information Modeling (BIM).

buildingSMART Deutschland is developing standardized descriptions and Product Data Templates (PDT) for the mapping of building products in the BIM process. In order to make this service even more attractive, it is planned to make the developed content available directly in the ECLASS Standard. The MoU thus also creates the basis for a joint representation of classification and description structures in the BIM framework and avoids duplication of work or competing structures. The two contracting parties intend to support each other and to jointly promote the design of practice-compliant digital product data and services in the BIM framework. In addition, the contractual partners consider standardized product data to be an essential basis and prerequisite for the successful networking of manufacturers and customers as well as for the expansion of digital value chains involving all those involved in planning, construction and operation.