Good data for digital processes!

Created by Frank Scherenschlich, Class.Ing |


Digitization and digital transformation are advancing and are increasingly a very important topic for many companies. It quickly becomes apparent that data of high quality must also be available in order to establish and use digital processes. Be it in purchasing, construction, spare parts management or sales - high-quality data is very important across the entire company or the harmonization of different company areas.

The company Class.Ing carried out many projects in different areas in 2020 and accompanied companies along the way. In the combination of consulting, data management and our own software, a higher data quality was achieved here using established process models. In doing so, the ECLASS standard was used very often, which has provided significant added value in the projects ... not only in the classification and description, but also many added values ​​based on it.

Especially in today's world, which is characterized by topics such as home office and digital collaboration, we are happy to take the time to personally present practical examples and possible solutions to you in a short web session. Perhaps your problem can be solved more easily in this way. Please contact us at vertrieb( at )