eCl@ss-Release 10.1 - Published in March 2018 with extensive new content!

Almost 100.000 change requests have been submitted for Release 10.1 which is planned for early 2018. This is absolutely remarkable for a Minor Release and is due to the very good work of the individual Expert Groups as well as the continuous harmonization with the standards "ETIM","PI" and "proficl@ss".

By far the most change requests were submitted in the segments 50 (Interior furnishing), 22 (Construction technology), 27 (Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering) and 29 (Home economics, Home technology).
The extraordinary amount of change requests also means that our functional and technical checks as well as the release generation process will take more time.

Therefore we are pleased to announce, that we will provide you with the most comprehensive Minor Release so far, 10.1 - with over 600 new classes, more than 2.100 new properties and over 1.400 new values - at the end of March 2018 on our download portal.

For further information, please contact the eCl@ss office.