b-synced - The GDSN data pool of Bayard Consulting Group

Created by Caroline Julia Arens | Bayard Consulting Group |


The GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) is a worldwide, standardized network of certified data pools through which industry and retail companies can exchange product information transparently and securely. More than 55,000 companies worldwide participate in the GDSN, more than 31 million articles are registered in the GDSN and can be accessed or made available via any certified GDSN data pool.

When exchanging product data between companies, the classification information for an article and its characteristics is of particular importance. And here GDSN also supports the use of eCl@ss including the eCl@ss specific class lists of characteristics / attributes.

A major use case for eCl@ss via GDSN is the exchange of product data in healthcare between industry and purchasing organizations and hospitals in Germany. All major purchasing organizations in Germany are either directly connected to GDSN or via the Healthcare Content Data Portal (HCDP) jointly operated by SANA, Prospitalia and PEG and developed by the Bayard Consulting Group.

What our customers in the healthcare sector say:

"The concept is well thought out and will certainly establish itself - currently one of the most trend-setting projects in this genre."

Feedback from a HCDP supplier


b-synced was developed by the Bayard Consulting Group to provide companies with an easy and inexpensive way to access the GDSN. The highlight of b-synced are the various possibilities, how you can provide product data in b-synced, paired with the data quality engine and the sophisticated data quality reporting. The sophisticated and foolproof Excel file upload is the ideal quick start. REST-API, AS2, individual mappings and connectors to common PIM systems are available for professional connection.

Björn Bayard, CEO Bayard Consulting Group: "With its flexibility and the ability to transport eCl@ss including attribute bars, GDSN will help to continue the success story of eCl@ss. Our objective is to further simplify the use of eCl@ss and GDSN for companies and thus further democratize the benefits".


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