eCl@ss Release 11.0 will be published in June 2019

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Extensive further development of the content, restructuring and additional quality control have led to the largest development leap of the open standard to date. Therefore delayed by two months, the new eCl@ss Release 11.0 will be launched in June 2019.

The eCl@ss Release 11.0 offers new content in all segments.
The restructuring at class level affects the following segments:

  • SG 45 – Human and veterinary drug, pesticide as well as active ingredient
  • SG 35 - Semi-finished product, material
  • SG 34 - Medical device
  • SG 27-29 Pneumatics and SG 27-30 Hydraulics - Content is moved to a new subject area (SG 51 Fluidpower)
  • SG 23 - Machine element, fixing, mounting

The following quality control measures were carried out:

  • Analysis and correction of property duplicates in eCl@ss Advanced (36,118 CRs)
  • Analysis of incorrect property assignments (technical properties in non-technical product classes) (489 CRs)
  • Adjustment of the 90s classes (33,887 CRs)
  • As of Release 11.0, the Basic CSV property file will also list the corresponding block name from eCl@ss Advanced in addition to the property data (IMPORTANT: Blocks and property-block assignments exist only in eCl@ss Advanced. A block name is only listed in BASIC CSV if a block assignment exists for the corresponding characteristic.)
  • Renaming and restructuring of the mapping tables
  • Since these files are used to update to the next major release, the naming has been corrected to "Update-Files". (Mapping is the alignment between two standards, e.g. ETIM to eCl@ss - vice versa.)
    • As of Release 11.0 eCl@ss provides two separate ZIP containers, differentiated according to the file formats
      • CSV (contains RUF files)
      • XML (contains TUF, CUF and SDF files)
  • Further development of the XML format
    • The XML files of eCl@ss Release 11.0 will be published in the revised XML 3.0 format. (In the test phases for Release 11.0 both formats XML 2.0 and XML 3.0. will be provided.
      Details about these changes can be found in the eCl@ss WIKI: ISO 13584-32 ontoML

These by far most extensive enhancements, quality checks and restructurings in the release development of the eCl@ss standard result in the most considerable improvements in data quality and product files as well as an immense expansion of the content, but unfortunately also in a delay of around two months. Therefore, the new major release eCl@ss 11.0 will expectedly be published in June 2019.

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