September 16, 2021

Well over 200 participants from 19 different countries met on September 16, 2021, for the first virtual ECLASS Congress, the sector’s top events in the field of digital twins, smart manufacturing and digitization.

In a series of 17 thematically diverse and exciting presentations, high-profile speakers offered insights into their companies’ data-management strategies and practices, from optimized purchasing processes to digital marketplaces and digital twinning. Best practice examples directly from the industries showed the various fields of application of the ECLASS Standard and the associated savings potential and quality improvements.

  • Great congress, congratulation for that!
    I got the impression that ECLASS is on the right track to play [an] important role in I 4.0.

    Wilfried Hartmann
  • You did a great job with the agency and the preparation!

    Christoph Thim, ECLASS Board
  • Congratulations on what I consider a very successful event. This format is quite something. 20 minutes and one after the other. I think besides physical meetings this format should live on.

    Armin Haße, Siemens Industry Software GmbH
  • Big praise to the very professional work of the team from the ECLASS Head Office. Great job!

    Artur Bondza, Pepperl+Fuchs, ECLASS Board
  • Great job! A role model for further conferences.

    Oliver Hillermeier, SAP, ECLASS Board
  • [That] was a fantastic congress, to which I could participate here via my VPN... Congratulations and many thanks for that.

    Dirk Machentanz, AKWC, ECLASS Office China
  • Congrats and respect credits and many thanks for this absolutely professional presentation of the ECLASS Congress.
    Just as well your performance as the protagonists directly in front of the camera. For this, too, all respect and congratulations!

    I am impressed by today, and that even though I am already very familiar with ECLASS for years.

    Gerhard Treitinger, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
  • Congratulations for the great ECLASS conference today. Really an intense load of progress and new possibilities.

    Jens Gayko, SCI4.0


Dr. Gunther Kegel (Pepperl + Fuchs SE)

Keynote: Requirements for ECLASS properties due to circular economies

Dr. Birgit Boss (Robert Bosch GmbH)

How Digital Twins provide understandable information

Dr. Jörg Nagel (Neoception GmbH)

Distributed Ledger-based Infrastructure for Industrial Digital Twins

Approach to realize a decentralized registry for services offered around I4.0 components. How this decentralized registry is applied in practice is explained using five practice-relevant use cases which span the whole lifecycle of the asset.

⭳ Download presentation (pdf)

Dr. Sebastian Käbisch (Siemens AG) & Dr. Oliver Drumm (Siemens AG)

ECLASS as RDF and the application in the Internet of Things

Clemens Meyer (SICK AG) & Frank Scherenschlich (Class.Ing)

Achieve market advantages with standardized article data

Standardized article data is important in all areas of a company. The provision of good article data that is suitable for the customer is of great importance. Clemens Meyer and Frank Scherenschlich report how the topic was and is being worked on and promoted together in several stages.

⭳ Download presentation (pdf)

Nikolaus Ondracek (Paradine GmbH) & Stefan Willms (morphe*)

The ECLASS Webservice

⭳ Download presentation (pdf)​​​​​​​


Dr. Jens Gayko (SCI 4.0)

COMDO - a common data repository for smart manufacturing and other digital projects

To sufficiently support market needs a single COMmon Data repOsitory for Smart Manufacturing, Industrie 4.0 and other domains is requested. The two “big players” in the market - ECLASS and IEC – have initiated together with ISO the project COMDO to provide such a repository.

⭳ Download presentation (pdf)

Dr. Dominik Rohrmus (Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL)

GAIA-X and Data Spaces

What is Gaia-X? Why are European data spaces important for industry and customers? What are the ideas behind?

⭳ Download presentation (pdf)

Reinhard Pohn (Paradine)

Digitalization across company borders – How to use the ECLASS Workflow

Thomas Tholen (AmpereSoft GmbH)

How ECLASS Advanced became the Hero of Smart Electronical Engineering

What makes ECLASS Advanced an indispensable tool for realizing “Smart Engineering” and “Smart Manufacturing”?

⭳ Download presentation (pdf)

Florian Ziche (Noxum GmbH)

ECLASS for SMEs – How to quickly get a globally understandable product description

Product data structuring according to ECLASS can provide significant support to companies in internal and external communication. However, companies often face major hurdles in terms of implementation. With NovaDB ECLASS Business Portal, the complexity of implementation can be reduced and the hurdles can be overcome.

⭳ Download presentation (pdf)





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