Simple harmonization and standardization of indirect material range by using the ECLASS classification

"An important step in the Nolte group was the harmonization and standardization of the master data and processes. This group thought was inevitable as a success guarantee for the future."

Nolte SE

The Nolte group has its production for 100% in Germany and thus offers high security and reliability in terms of quality. For the Nolte group „made in Germany“ is more than just a slogan - it is our goal!



Eight independent Nolte companies operate independently of each other, having their own processes, organizations and systems.

In the different ERP systems of the companies a heterogeneous classification structure to procurement articles reigns. As a result, no harmonized article master data exist.



Because of the universal use of products and services in the indirect area within the Nolte group an assignment with ECLASS was realized.

In the production material segment the article structure of the Nolte group could not be displayed with the ECLASS of goods, as the naming and structuring of the product groups in the furniture industry is different. For this reason the Nolte group developed a custom classification based on the numbering of ECLASS and thus set a benchmark for the furniture industry.

In indirect material the ECLASS product groups relevant to the Nolte group were selected and defined up to the 3rd hierarchy level of the ECLASS-goods group code. Thus, the conditions for external communication are met. This is already successfully done with our suppliers within the qualification on our eProcurement plaform.

For a better acceptance of the product group code within the Nolte group hierarchy levels 1 and 2 of the ECLASS goods group code are used predominantly. Should it be necessary, the articles are defined up to the 3rd level. This leads to a high utilization rate and also to a significantly improved data quality in an indirect material area, as the idenification of products and services with a ECLASS product group code is simplified a lot.



The product group code is considered the procurement master for the Nolte group and thanks to the easy idenification has a high level of acceptance within the Nolte group.

The introduction of ECLASS in the indirect material area enabled a simple harmonization and standardization of master data, the basis for a group-wide structure was created and its implementation in SAP is now complete in all companies.

With our implemented ECLASS product group code the procurement process in the indirect material area can be standardized to a high degree and be efficiently carried out on our eProcurement platform.

In addition the expenditure and planned budget in the area of other operaing expenses can be controlled much easier by the newly acquired transparency and significantly improved information content.

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