With PIM for standardized and individual data provision

Created by Frank Scherenschlich - Class.Ing |

"Does my company need a PIM System?" / "Is my PIM system suitable of managing multiple classifications and exporting data into a variety of formats?"

In the digital age, where catalog data are exchanged less and less via paper, other requirements are becoming increasingly important:

  • Each customer should receive the same basic article data
  • Creation of synergies between classification systems (mapping, up- / downgrade)
  • Provision of article data in standardized or individual formats
  • Automation of data provisioning as required

No matter whether you want to deliver BMEcat catalogs directly to your customers or GS1 XML CIN catalogs into the GDSN even with classifications like eCl@ss - good, consistent and high-quality article data are the basis for this. And these require a PIM system or a supplement to the PIM for these same topics.

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