Automated Product Master Data Maintenance Siemens Teamcenter enables eCl@ss Advanced for Engineering

Created by Armin Haße, Siemens AG |

In the summer of this year (2019), a search for the term “Stammdatenpflege” (master data maintenance) on the job portal StepStone suggests that the role “master data administrator" is a much sought-after job profile (890 offers) for a wide range of companies in Germany. The following questions arise:

• Why are so many companies looking for employees for non-value-adding activities?

• Why do we expect costs, especially for product master data maintenance, to rise in the future?

• What needs to be done to protect ourselves against this?


A customer survey conducted by IW Consult in 2018 shows that the cost for product master data management alone amounts to 643€ per employee per year for a single company. With 1000 employees, this can quickly reach more than half a million Euros just for product master data maintenance per year. In addition, product master data represents only a part of the amount of master data a company has to manage.

You can read online: ‘Data maintenance is a procedure to receive up-to-date, reliable, and duplicate-free data’. Under the conditions of industry 4.0, however, product data must be available for all users 24/7 reliably, unambiguously and up-to-date "at the push of a button". Manual procedures for product master data maintenance do not meet this requirement in any way. On the contrary, they obstruct the launch of I4.0. Responsible for this current state is the fact that product data, in the form of CAx data, is essentially processed and managed separately from or only loosely coupled with the product master data over the life cycle of the product Especially through the introduction of the eCl@ss ADVANCED standard, the product master data was extended by many technical attributes per class. This data is generated almost exclusively using CAx tools, and the information is required by these tools in the concept and component development phases.

The task of product data management (PDM) in the age of I4.0 must be to ensure the automated maintenance of all product data. A digital twin must be able to be derived reliably, unambiguously and up-to-date at any time. Siemens Teamcenter was developed for the automated maintenance of product data. It reliably secures the user's access, distribution and status in the life cycle of the product data. The integration of CAx tools into the Teamcenter data model as well as the openness of Teamcenter for integration into a specific IT infrastructure are the basis for the automation of product data management in your company. With the new Teamcenter Release 12.2 Siemens introduces the new module ‘Teamcenter for eCl@ss Data Management’. As a ‘Single Source of Truth’ for product data, Teamcenter in combination with eCl@ss can ensure the automated maintenance and use of product master data in the I4.0 context in the company.

According to IW Consult, the use of the eCl@ss standard can reduce the cost for product master data management per employee and year to 330€. By using Teamcenter you can reduce the cost of non-value-adding activities by an additional 25%.

I would like to invite you to my presentation "Siemens Teamcenter enables eCl@ss Advanced for Engineering" on September 18, 2019 at the eCl@ss Congress 2019 in Cologne. Come to the eCl@ss Congress and be inspired by the presentations. I'm looking forward to meeting you and talking to you at our booth. 


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