New Chairman of the Board at the eCl@ss association

At the General Assembly in September 2017, Mr. Friedhelm Hausmann (Audi AG) after many years of successful work for eCl@ss association handed over his position as to Mr. Markus Reigl (Siemens AG).

Mr. Hausmann has been a member of the eCl@ss board since the association was founded in December 2000 and took over its chairmanship at the general assembly in May 2004.

We thank Mr. Hausmann for many years of unconditional commitment to the eCl@ss association and wish him all the best for his future.

Mr. Reigl is a member of the eCl@ss board since the General Assembly in April 2011, was initially Deputy Chairman and now takes the responsibilities of the Chairman from the hands of Mr. Hausmann.

We welcome Mr. Reigl as the new Chairman of the Board and look forward to an intensive and good cooperation.