Characteristic bundling in eCl@ss BASIC

Created by Frank Scherenschlich |

eCl@ss classes with many characteristics have an issue in basic deployment: they are only available as one long list. A bundling of characteristics according to their context (feature bar), offers an advantage. With the “Block” element, the eCl@ss standard already contains a technical option for mapping that can be used across the board. As part of Release 11.0, the basic features treated in accordance with the aspects. Based on ADVANCED assignments, the block name is already being output in some areas. According to One-eCl@ss, this procedure is of course generally compatible with the ADVANCED provision. 

In subject group 35 "semi-finished products, semi-manufactured products" in the field of metals, this option was already used intensively for Release 11.0, as a proof of concept, so to speak. With the result that the name of the block is made available language-specifically via the BASIC provision.

It is important to us to provide these (characteristics) in a structured way, especially with larger quantities of attributes. This new trait been seen as an important tool within the framework of specialist group work. If, for example, eCl@ss is used for a product description within an online catalogue, a long list of characteristics is not issued, but several blocks with thematically summarized characteristics are issued,” says Frank Scherenschlich, expert group leader for subject group 35 and Managing Director of Class.Ing.

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