Project "Improvement CR" - Simplify change requests

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One of the big advantages of the eCl@ss standard is the continuous expansion of content. The basis for these enhancements are the change requests from industry and commerce as well as from the eCl@ss expert groups.


The process for submitting such change requests will be greatly simplified in the future. This is one of the main objectives of the "Improvement CR" project, which was started on June 13, 2019 and in which all aspects of the submission process are put to the test.

The results from the first workshops are impressive.

On September 3, 2019, the working group, consisting of eCl@ss members Josef Schmelter (PhoenixContact), Frank Scherenschlich (Class.Ing), Stefan Willms (morphe *), Detlev Raguse (eCl@ss) and Christian Hoffmann ( eCl@ss) met at the Cologne office to fundamentally revise and optimize the process for submitting and editing change requests in the eCl@ss standard in another workshop. At the regular meetings, all aspects of the submission process are put to the test and, depending on the topic, other experts are consulted.

In a first work package "Roles and Rights", the requirements of the users were checked and arranged in order to enable a more efficient and error-free processing of change requests:

  • Check the actual status in the CDP (Which roles and rights exist?)
  • Checking the live CR submission process with all the roles involved (Which role does it require, which rights?)
  • Defining the target state (Which roles should there be, with which rights?)
  • Joint review of the results of the expert interviews

In advance, we conducted separate 2-hour interviews with a total of three Powerusers / expert group leaders to collect current requirements for the CR process.

Further work packages to optimize the CR process will follow.