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Together with the eCl@ss e.V. member and IT-Service-Provider PARADINE, the new eCl@ss Release 11.0 was published today!


Starting today the following versions are available for download:

Basic CSV in DE & EN

Basic XML in DE & EN

Advanced XML in DE & EN

Update Files in DE & EN


Get eCl@ss Release 11.0


New content in eCl@ss Release 11.0:
Extensive further development of the content, restructuring and additional quality control have led to the largest development leap of the open standard to date.
  • 1 new segment: Segment 51 - Fluidpower
  • about 5,800 new classes
  • about 1,000 new properties
  • about 330 new property blocks
  • about 8,100 new values
  • about 2,200 new keywords
  • about 23,300 new class-property-relations
  • about 36,100 Property-Duplicates cleared up

Due to the outstanding work of the various eCl@ss Expert Groups and the continuously driven harmonization with the standards "ETIM" and "APPLiA PI", a total of approx. 150,000 change request have been included in the eCl@ss standard. These by far most extensive enhancements, quality checks and restructurings are now published with the new eCl@ss Release 11.0:
  • Clearing up of property duplicates in eCl@ss Advanced (>36,000 duplicates)
  • Revision of the 9x classes
    Deletion of incorrect 9x classes on the 3rd level, correct structuring of the 90, 91 and 92 classes on the 4th level in all segments
  • Introduction of biocide-labels
  • Ongoing content harmonization with the standards ETIM and APPLiA PI
  • Introduction of the new segment 51 "Fluidpower"
    The contents of the previous main groups 27-29 "Pneumatics" and 27-30 "Hydraulics" have been merged and restructured within this segment.
  • Substantial restructuring of the segments:
    - 23 “Machine element, fixing, mounting”
    - 35 “Semifinished product, material”
    - 47 “Body care and personal hygiene”
  • Ongoing content development, especially in the following segments:
    - 16 “Food, beverage, tobacco”
    - 24 “Office product, facility and technic, papeterie”
    - 27 “Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering”
    - 34 “Medical Device”
    - 45 “Human and veterinary drug, pesticide as well as active ingredient”

IMPORTANT: In addition to the content-related development of eCl@ss, the following improvements / extensions to the different export formats were carried out :

Basic CSV
Extension of the "Class-Property-relation" file by the column "PreferredNameBlock"
If a property in eCl@ss Advanced is assigned to a block and this property is also considered for eCl@ss Basic, the corresponding name of the block is listed in this column.

The previous XML Schema 2.0 was adapted and replaced by the new XML Schema 3.0:
  • UnitsML
    Until now, no speaking name for units existed. Analogous to all other eCl@ss structural elements, the preferred name for units was introduced and filled initially.
  • IRDIs of KW/SY
    So far not part of the XML, the IRDIs of Keywords and Synonyms are now content the eCl@ss XML.
  • Deprecation Information
    Until now, the information about deprecated structure elements are consolidated in a separate area at the end of the XML. Beginning with eCl@ss Release 11.0 this information is now embedded into its respective context.

For more detailed information see eCl@ss WIKI or contact the eCl@ss office.