eCl@ss release 10.0 is available now!

We would like to thank the eCl@ss expert groups and the large number of experts for their great input.

Together with our member and IT service provider Paradine, eCl@ss provides, from today, the Major release 10.0 with about 2,000 new classes. The harmonization with VGB "Power Plant Technology", "proficl@ss", "ETIM" and "PI" has been enlarged for the new major release and the "PROLIST" standard has been integrated.

The eCl@ss release contains the following new segments:

  • Segment 45: Human and veterinary drug, pesticide as well as active ingredient
  • Segment 46: Clothing and textile
  • Segment 47: Body care and personal hygiene
  • Segment 48: Sport, playing, leisure
  • Segment 49: Public safety and military technology
  • Segment 50: Interior furnishing

This serves as a basis for the following mapping project (eCl@ss 10.0 to UNSPC19). By this new segments the eCl@ss standard opens up new application areas referring to the international exchange of goods, e.g. North America or Great Britain. The development of the eCl@ss release 10.0 contains the record number of 100,000 change requests and further development in total. By approx. 2,000 new classes, 2,000 restructured and updated classes, 1,500 new properties and 2,000 new keywords the release 10.0 offers the state-of-the-art eCl@ss standard.

As from today the BASIC release is available as csv file in our eCl@ss DownloadPortal.
Further file formats will follow.