Chinese MIIT delegation in Ingolstadt

On August 30, 2017, a 29-member delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) visited Audi AG, organized by the cooperation partner RKWC. The target was the exchange of experts on the subject of product data in industry 4.0.

The delegation leader Mr. Li Xiangning (MIIT Deputy Director-General) gave an insight into the tasks of the Chinese government to standardize product data. Mr. Hausmann pointed out concrete applications in the eCl@ss context from Audi in relation to the supply chain and production control, while Mr. Pohn (Paradine) system engineering solutions for data management and ERP applications presented.

Those present - including representatives of the CNITS and CESI (China Electronics Standardization Institute) - showed great interest in the use of eCl@ss. The basic activity of the RKWC to facilitate a direct exchange between Chinese and German experts was welcomed on both sides. A long professional discussion ended the conference, together with questions about existing and possible eCl@ss applications in China.