eCl@ss information day for French companies on March 11, 2019

March 11 2019 - 10:00-15:30h

Join the digital world!  eCl@ss – Semantics for eBusiness and Industry 4.0!

Almost 20 years ago, when buzzwords like "digitization" and "Industry 4.0" had no meaning yet, the eCl@ss association was founded by 12 large international companies.

eCl@ss has developed into a large multinational and cross-industry association with active members and users, including many medium-sized companies and "hidden champions" not only from the manufacturing industry and the service sector, but also from industrial associations, research institutes and public sector organisations.

One of the secrets of the sustainable success of this standard is the interactive and transparent structure of the classification system, which can be adapted, transformed and designed to individual requirements.

The eCl@ss standard can support processes in companies along the entire supply chain. From simple product group structures, which ensure order in the company, via master data for electronic catalogues and PIM systems with clear descriptions on the basis of features, through to an extensive and dynamically expandable library of machine-readable and machine-interpretable features for smart manufacturing applications.

As part of the information day, we would like to demonstrate the use of eCl@ss with practical examples from French and international companies. You will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of eCl@ss and make new contacts. We want to create a forum that helps eCl@ss users and interested parties to exchange their French-specific problems and ideas, pool their resources and support each other in the search for new solutions and strategies.

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The event is free of charge. A registration is required.

Monday March 11, 2019
10:00 - 16:00 h

Schneider Electric, Auditorium Le Hive
35 rue Joseph Monier
92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France


eCl@ss Steering Committee Meeting March 13, 2019

The Steering Committee Meeting is reserved to members of the association with seat in the Steering Committee.

German Economic Institute (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft)
Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 21
50668 Cologne / Germany

SAP & eCl@ss Theme Day on May 21, 2019


Attention: New date!

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network enables eCl@ss data to be shared on a cloud-based platform. For example, a manufacturer provides master data for a specific model. Customers who use this machine or component can import the data into their systems and link it to existing master data. In this way, the data remain up-to-date without the time-consuming manual work and media breaks.

The 'SAP & eCl@ss' theme day is directed at manufacturers, service providers and plant operators who would like to learn more about the potential of SAP AIN in connection with eCl@ss. On the basis of concrete best-practice examples we offer the exchange with users and SAP experts answer concrete questions. The focus is on practical use in everyday business.

The event is free of charge. Registration required.

New date:
Tuesday May 21, 2019
10:00 - 16:00 h

German Economic Institute
Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 21
50668 Cologne, Germany


eCl@ss 年大会 September 18, 2019


The General Meeting is reserved to members of the association.

German Economic Institute (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft)
Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 21
50668 Cologne / Germany

eCl@ss Congress in Cologne, Germany on September 18+19, 2019

Under the motto "Enable your data stream!"The 7th eCl@ss Congress will take place in Cologne on 18th and 19th September 2019.

The congress is one of the top events on the subject of data standards. High-caliber speakers from industry, trade and science offer thematically varied and exciting lectures on the subjects of Master Data Management and Smart Manufacturing - precisely tailored for beginners and experts.

Around 150 international participants have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of open standards, make new contacts with decision-makers from industry, trade and engineering, and find out about exciting innovations in the Industry 4.0 environment.

The evening event takes place in the unique ambience of the German Sports and Olympic Museum in Cologne's Rheinauhafen.

Further information and registration will follow shortly.

German Economic Institute (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft)
Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 21
50668 Cologne / Germany

Impressions of last eCl@ss Congress in September 2017

eCl@ss Steering Committee Meeting November 19, 2019

The Steering Committee Meeting is reserved to members of the association with seat in the Steering Committee.

German Economic Institute (Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft)
Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 21
50668 Cologne / Germany






eCl@ss用户及潜在客户会议  eCl@ss中国区


eCl@ss可持续发展的成功秘诀之一是其分类系统的交互式开放架构,可根据个性化需求对其进行调整、变换及塑造,从而为任何会员和用户提供加入网络和推出新内容的机会。 这为不断成长的活跃的eCl@ss成员网络尤其是在欧洲的所有参与者带来了益处。

随着中国工业和信息化部(MIIT)宣传“中国制造2025”计划以及国家其他部委制定相关的策略,以提升中国生产行业的广阔前景并推动中国的数字化和自动化议事日程,中国对国际上建立分类体系的需求显而易见。即使政府部门(工信部、 中国标准化研究院)、重要的研究机构(机械工业仪器仪表综合技术经济研究所)以及中国经济最重要的几个跨国企业(中石化、中石油、华为、宇通等)清晰地表达了对eCl@s数据方面的兴趣,但迄今为止,在中国的协会和行业中还没有普及eCl@ss。这种发展缓慢的原因之一是,在欧洲eCl@ss增长的最初成功因素之一是建立一个交互式进展的网络,但它尚未在中国扎根:在中国推行eCl@ss实施试点项目不仅缺乏知名度,更重要的是,大多数欧洲活跃的eCl@ss成员尚未在其分支机构及子公司建立eCl@ss的相关网络。








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