“Techexpert”: Let the document work for you

Erstellt von Olga Denisova | Kodeks |

The work of any enterprise is regulated by a huge number of regulatory documents, both external and internal. But the oil and gas industry is where the standards change very rapidly and any mistake in such change is critical. The Normative and Technical Documentation Management System (SU NTD) and the Requirements Management System (SUTr) developed by Kodeks JSC powered by the Techexpert platform allow to minimize the risks and facilitate working with large arrays of documents.

Such leading enterprises of the industry as Gazprom PJSC and its subsidiaries, Transneft PJSC, Irkutsk Oil Company LLC, Samaraneftegaz JSC, Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhskneft LLC and many others are the users of the external and internal documents collections implemented based on the Techexpert technologies.

From the Unified Electronic Documents Collection to the SU NTD

The basic version of the Techexpert SU NTD helps to create a Unified Electronic Documents Collection of the enterprise which includes a constantly updated array of both external (GOSTs, technical regulations, regulatory legal acts) and internal regulatory documents. Their conversion from a traditional paper format into a full-text electronic format and further centralized storage allow to use analytical search when working with documentation, to compile a Unified Enterprise Glossary, to take important documents under control, to automatically track changes in them, and much more.

Once the Unified Collection is created, one can proceed to implementation of the extended version of SU NTD, which is a whole ecosystem that controls the entire life cycle of the company’s documents. It provides employees with access to a set of documents they need via a “single window”, keeps track of issued copies, analyzes the need to update any existing internal standards and to develop new ones, helps to draw up a document development plan and to draft its first edition using the Regulatory Documentation Construction Kit (KND).

The module automatically ensures compliance with uniform requirements to content, structure, design. It creates links to other documents in the Collection and checks their relevance. The system enables electronic discussion of the document, collection of comments and suggestions, records and ensures their centralized storage. Next, the final version is drawn up, agreed, approved, signed with an electronic signature - all this can also be done digitally, which is especially important in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The signed document is published in the Unified Collection and is automatically communicated to the employees.


From document management to requirements management

Once the management of the NTD life cycle is established, one can proceed to the management of individual essential document fragments, namely the requirements. In all modern expert systems, including Techexpert SU NTD, a minimum unit with which a user interacts is the document as a whole. But often, only one or two clauses out of the entire GOST are related to a specific user’s issue. The Techexpert Requirements Management System (SUTr) allows to identify them and monitor their relevance. And this is just the top of the iceberg, the very first and basic function of SUTr based on which all the other functions are designed.

The Requirements Management System accompanies the manufacturing of products at all stages of the life cycle. It allows to create a conceptual model of a product and contains an electronic technical project (a standard) which has all the requirements for all components and characteristics from external and internal documents. They can be structured hierarchically, linked together, and such links can be used in work.

It should be kept in mind that requirements change over time, and they should be rechecked each time a new version of regulatory documents is issued. This is an extremely complex process that takes a lot of time from specialists and does not exclude the possibility of errors. Techexpert SUTr is the only requirements management system on the market that controls linking of an individual requirement with its source, i.e. a regulatory or internal document, and automates the process of analyzing changes in fragments of documents, subsequently notifying the user, which drastically speeds up the process of analyzing requirements.

The system helps to reduce the cost of designing and testing a pilot batch for compliance with requirements, to increase efficiency of product life cycle management, to release a product exactly as it’s intended, and to achieve a new level of digitalization of an enterprise.

Besides creating ontological models of industrial products, Techexpert SUTr is suitable for software engineering, management of professional competencies, control and supervisory activities and collective work on a document in combination with SU NTD. In other words, Techexpert SUTr is a technology for managing the essence of a document, which adapts to a specific customer and covers his exact needs. Its introduction into the work of Russian companies will greatly benefit all participants of production processes, and will become the next step in development of the regulatory sphere of the industry.


Classifiers as the basis for requirements management

To manage requirements effectively, they shall be classified properly. The codes of various classifiers are the important part of structured data with which a requirement expressed in the text of a document is supplied. The uploading of classifiers into SUTr is implemented via the Normative and Reference Information Management System (SU NSI). It allows to work with classifiers of any degree of complexity, including foreign ones.

One such classifier is the European ECLASS Product Properties Repository. Originally developed by the leading German industrialists to facilitate cooperation, it is now used by more than 3,500 companies around the world, and this number is constantly growing. ECLASS has been selected by the international standardization organizations ISO and IEC as a pilot project for implementation of so-called SMART standards, a new type of regulatory and technical documents from which cyber-physical and information systems can extract requirements and operate them without human intervention.

The secret of ECLASS’s success lies in its simplicity and versatility. Any product is encoded by eight characters, for example:

26 — Energy, mining, secondary raw materials and waste

26-04 — Energy, heat and water supply

26-04-05 — Fuels

26-04-05-02 — Gasoline

Each eight-digit product code is accompanied by codes of its properties, from the most general ones like the name of the manufacturer (0173-1#02-AAO677#002) to specific ones like octane number (0173-1#02-AAR443#002), sulfur content (0173-1#02-AAR429#003), density at 15°C (0173-1#02-AAR432#003), etc. They are assigned in centralized manner by the ECLASS Association and allow to exchange product data automatically, bypassing any language and conceptual barriers.

The European developers of the Industry 4.0 concept are betting big on ECLASS: the standardized product properties provide connection between market participants and among the intelligent production environment. Relying on international cooperation and the serious role that ISO and IEC assign to ECLASS, the company Kodeks has become its official distributor in Russia. The classifier is supplied in the Techexpert SU NSI shell and is ready for integration with various products of this line.

ECLASS is convenient not only for individual users, but also for the global economy as a whole, since it solves one of the most important tasks of the Industry 4.0, namely the harmonization of standards in different countries and smoothing out regional differences.


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