Neue regionale eCl@ss Geschäftsstelle in Russland

Erstellt von Olga Denisova | Kodeks |

Olga Denisova, Director of the Center of Foreign and International Standards bei Kodeks, im Interview


Olga, please explain: What is Kodeks and what’s your mission?

KODEКS is the union of developers, based in 1991. Headquarters - JSC KODEKS (Saint-Petersburg).
More than 700 highly qualified employees work on the production and development of systems in St. Petersburg. More than 200 offices opened in 135 Russian cities: from Kamchatka to Sevastopol.

Our mission is information support for making the right decisions by specialists in any region of Russia on the basis of unique professional reference systems. TECHEXPERT and KODEKS systems are leading ones in the market of professional reference systems for engineering specialists, human resources employees, lawyers, accountants, procurement specialists and other employees of the largest Russian companies.


In which industries the Kodeks associated companies are located?

Our company actively cooperates with authorities bodies at the national and non-national levels, with largest enterprises of all sectors of the economy: oil and gas, power industry, construction, machinery, automotive industry etc.

Why are standardized product master data and standardized classification important to you?

At present, there is no single industrial classifier similar to eCl@ss in Russia. There is a combination of different classifiers, both at the state level and at the level of industries, holdings, corporations and individual enterprises. To achieve the goals of effective cooperation and electronic trade we need unified classification systems, codification of goods, materials, services. In addition, it is necessary to lead in accordance the norms, standards and rules. An important factor is the development of digital technologies in the field of technical regulation and standardization.

Why is the eCl@ss Standard especially for Russian companies and organizations of importance? Why did Kodeks choose eCl@ss?

To enable information-driven manufacturing processes, enterprises need to establish a common semantic standard, such as eCl@ss, for example. eCl@ss is the most comprehensive international industry standard for the classification of products, materials and services. eCl@ss is the most advanced industrial standard for cooperation and electronic trade, but Russian companies do not practically use it. We plan to discover eCl@ss for Russia.

What are the benefits of the collaboration between Kodeks and the eCl@ss association?

For eCl@ss Association, this is primarily a real promotion on the Russian market. We plan to show Russian enterprises all the advantages of both direct use of eCl@ss and its integration with existing Russian classifiers.
The using of integration solutions of KODEKS/TECHEXPERT on the basis of our own Regulatory and Technical Information Management Systems and eCl@ss System will provide Russian enterprises with increased promotion of their products in the European and other markets.

Which software solution can you provide as new eCl@ss service provider and official eCl@ss Office Russia to your customers?

As new eCl@ss service provider and official eCl@ss Office in Russia KODEKS provides the following services:

  • Consulting on the eCl@ss standard, including issues of information architecture, classification of products and services, cost, organization, training.
  • Using the eCl@ss standard on the KODEKS platform.
  •  Integration with existing Russian classifiers.

KODEKS company pays special attention to the integration with software and systems of third party manufactures in the own software development. Client’s components of Reference Systems KODEKS/TECHEXPERT may be developed in Windows environment and integrated by data with popular office applications, SED, CAD, ACS (PLM, PDM) etc.

Fund of standards in KODEKS/TECHEXPERT systems is in XML and HTML formats. Actually the texts of the standards are made in the ODT format in accordance with the GOST R ISO standard. A mass of user services which are used by 300 thousand specialists are implemented on this basis.
XML format of the standard is much more detailed when describing the content of documents in KODEKS/TECHEXPERT systems and this makes it possible to implement the Systems of Normative and Technical Documentation and Requirements Management Systems. The Regulatory Requirements Fund is a stage of a higher level than the Documents Fund.
SMART standards in the form of containers of text documents, databases, and digital models are implemented in KODEKS/TECHEXPERT systems.

The foundation is laid for the transition to control systems that monitor the implementation of the requirements of standards that directly interact with CAD / CAM, PLM / PDM systems, systems based on BIM technologies. Requirements Management Systems are necessary for managing of digital standards. Implementation of Requirements Management Systems increases production efficiency and product quality management.
Information cards of the standard's indicators and cards of the equipment's passport allow you to perform a parametric search for the necessary equipment, a comparative analysis of the characteristics of the equipment, analysis of the compliance of the characteristics of equipment with the requirements of the standard.
By creating information charts of indicators for foreign standards, you can implement a comparative analysis of the characteristics of domestic and foreign equipment. And an important step for this is using single semantic standard such as eCl@ss.