eCl@ss webinars - 2020 summer series

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After the completion of the spring series of eCl@ss webinars in China yesterday, eCl@ss will now follow up with a summer series of German-Chinese webinars. The focus of the summer webinars will be on a multitude of new aspects and eCl@ss related topics that have not been presented and discussed to the Chinese eCl@ss community before. Please be reminded that additional general eCl@ss introductions as well as eCl@ss implementation consulting can always be offered on demand, either as webinars or again as on-site sessions.

Please find below the dates and topics of the next German-Chinese webinars during summer:

18.06.2020 - eCl@ss Implementation – Best Practice

  • eCl@ss short overview
  • Use cases
  • Affected systems in the organization
  • eCl@ss implementation best practice
  • Roll-Out within the organization
  • Change management and data governance for ongoing operations 
  • Examples of successful roll-outs
  • Q&A

09.07.2020 - eCl@ss Material Master Data Consolidation

  • Status quo and challenges
  • Legacy data processing
  • Implementation
  • Duplicate identification and elimination
  • Consistent rule-based short and long text generation
  • Data governance for ongoing operations
  • Q&A

30.07.2020 - eCl@ss in Spare Parts Management

  • Short overview of eCl@ss
  • eCl@ss in Materials Management
  • eCl@ss in Plant Maintenance
  • Consolidation of legacy data
  • Takeover of spare parts for new plants
  • Avoid duplicate spare parts
  • Data governance for ongoing operations
  • Q&A

06.08.2020 - eCl@ss Advanced

  • Overview eCl@ss Advanced data model
  • Differences eCl@ss Basic and eCl@ss Advanced
  • eCl@ss Advanced data elements
  • Delivery of catalogs by manufacturers
  • eCl@ss workflow
  • Q&A

20.08.2020 - eCl@ss Change request in eCl@ss CDP

  • eCl@ss short overview
  • eCl@ss release and change management
  • eCl@ss content development platform
  • Registration and login
  • Creation of change request
  • Processing and approval of change request
  • Q&A

27.08.2020 - eCl@ss for Marketplaces and Web-Shops

  • Advantages of eCl@ss for market places and web shops
  • Product classification according to eCl@ss
  • Mapping to other standards
  • Delivery of eCl@ss data in marketplaces and web shops
  • Preparation of product data
  • Q&A