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eCl@ss acquisition

eCl@ss releases and language versions can be obtained easily via the download portal. The DownloadPortal also provides you with a price list and terms of use applicable for eCl@ss.
Under certain circumstances, if you use several releases, a membership may be advantageous. We are happy to help you finding an optimal solution.

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eCl@ss implementation

For eCl@ss implementation, we recommend one of our authorized "eCl@ss service providers" (addresses can be found below).
The efforts for the eCl@ss implementation depend on many factors, which can differ considerably from user to user. These include, for instance, the existing master data quality, the number of products (for catalogs, procurement or sales), product complexity, number of language versions etc. In addition, the possibilities of the ERP-system are as important as the basic approach, of what should be achieved with eCl@ss. The deeper eCl@ss to be integrated into internal or cross-company processes, the greater the required effort, but also the expected Return on Investment (ROI).

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