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eCl@ss in sales

Nowadays, for successful companies, correct and standardized processed catalog- and product data is just as important as good products and a good distribution team. Delivery reliability when ordering new or spare parts, automated and standardized processed product information, these all are reasons that can influence a decision in favor of a particular supplier.

Electronic marketplaces

Online marketplaces are becoming more and more important. As more and more products and potential suppliers are searched on the internet, it can be vital for you as a supplier to be well represented here. Marketplaces often require standardized product data classified or described by eCl@ss and transferred by BMEcat. This means for you: You only have to invest once for the implementation of eCl@ss, but will be able to supply data to numerous marketplaces.

Elektronic catalogs

With standardized available product data, catalog data can be provided to customers quickly and easily in the required format. Consequently, data quality of electronic catalogs is increasingly becoming a competitive factor. An application-appropriate, consistent supply of data allows a clean analysis of technical data, prices and product descriptions providing a distinct competitive advantage compared to "non-classified" market competitors.

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