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eCl@ss in procurement

Concentration and centralization of procurement volumes is a basis, if not the main basis for realization of potential savings in procurement. Department-wide and company-wide analysis of purchasing portfolios based on a neutral, reliable and widely spread classification system, such as eCl@ss, allow comparison of products offered by various suppliers, increase competition among suppliers and help consolidate the supplier base.
A.T. Kearney Europe, one of the eCl@ss cooperation partners, noticed that a reduction of procurement costs by 1% has the same effect on earnings as a 20% increase in turnover (depending on industry sector).

eCl@ss and process management

Locating the required purchased articles quickly and safely, describing them clearly and comprehensively, triggering an electronic order with a single click, finding your correct applicable order number both on delivery note and invoice (electronically) ... If processes run like this, then you will save processing and transportation costs – as well as your supplier. If processes run like this, eCl@ss is likely to be used as well.

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