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Huge market, few providers

Usage and distribution of eCl@ss is growing rapidly and consequently the number of companies implementing eCl@ss in their IT-systems respectively processes as well. Recent developments such as the cooperation with German federal states or highly frequented online marketplaces accelerate this progress. For IT solution providers the situation is, that there is a growing market, which can presently only be served by a few IT providers. If you also want to become an eCl@ss partner, please contact us and we will show you the way!

Master data management

eCl@ss supports companies in optimizing their master data management.
Is master data also a topic for which you offer your services? Either as a consultant or system provider – eCl@ss consultation and implementation may be an interesting and lucrative expansion of your product portfolio.

Strategic orientation

A decision regarding eCl@ss implementation requires a strategic decision about the orientation of a company. Are you one of those companies advising other companies on how to raise strategic potentials, for instance in business process management, procurement, online marketing strategies, or other similar topics? In that case, you should learn more about eCl@ss, because eCl@ss offers you the opportunity to identify and raise high potential benefits for your customers.

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