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Keeping track

Using eCl@ss as a classification standard for controlling allows setting up a meaningful reporting system with regard to the own procurement portfolio. In this case, standardized structures and data processes are the basis for up-to-date, detailed product evaluations and a requirement for both operative and strategic business planning.

Deliverable and performance

Use eCl@ss for business analysis, identification of success potentials and competition comparisons.
By means of eCl@ss, a consistent description of deliverable and performance is possible and a comparison of internal and external performance can be realized. Internal performance can thus be described in accordance with market structures, offset internally and compared to the market.

Product evaluations

Consistent classification and product description according to eCl@ss allows comparative costs analysis of all product groups and thereby offers standardized reporting structures. Besides cost management, the consistent system also supports future decisions about in-house production or outsourcing (Make-or-Buy).

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