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eCl@ss supports companies with their core activities

The business of companies is developing, producing, and selling products. In practice, such activities involve a lot of information and data.
These data require recording, maintenance, and management. Controlling or concentration of purchasing volumes depend on these data and provide the basis for strategic decisions.
The effort for creating and maintaining the required data and data interfaces (internal/external) is a complex task, which is considerably simplified with eCl@ss: one standard and interface definition for cross-company processes imply less effort and fewer interfaces to be provided– and therefore more resources for core activities.

Standard-based and a safe investment

Both the processes for developing the standard, as well as export formats and basic technical principles of the data model are based on renowned international standards. This orientation guarantees a higher level of investment security for the user than other industry standards, which are usually not based on these principles.

Continuous master data structures beyond company boundaries

From product development to production, procurement, distribution, and after-sales service: high-quality master data, characterized by uniform data structures and uniform data formats, are the fundamental basis for an efficient information and data management. This applies beyond company boundaries as well as within your own company. The common goal of the eCl@ss association and its members is to raise these potentials beyond company and industrial boundaries.