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Annual turnover: Nearly 1,000 billion EUR

The eCl@ss e.V. was founded by twelve large companies in the German economy on 14th of November 2000. Meanwhile (2016) the eCl@ss e.V. has more than 140 members originating from industry, associations, and public institutions. Its members have an accumulated annual turnover of nearly 1,000 billion EUR, and thus represent a considerable economic performance.

The eCl@ss members

Membership benefits

Membership within eCl@ss is worth it!
In addition to major “actual” benefits to which you are entitled with your membership, the most important membership benefits in particular include the direct exchange with other members, an information edge on possible competitors as well as influence on eCl@ss e.V. and the eCl@ss standard. The “actual” benefits include the free download of the eCl@ss standard including mapping tables for the different versions.
For details on membership and the benefits as well as an application form, see the attached zip file.

International eCl@ss offices

Besides its Head Office in Germany (at the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln), eCl@ss has additional international Offices in China, France, Austria, Egypt, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. With this global presence, eCl@ss can ensure direct user support in many languages. This may be important to you if you want to cooperate with a Chinese company and require contact with a native speaker regarding eCl@ss matters.

Contact data of the eCl@ss offices

eCl@ss Scientific Advisory Board

The task of the scientific advisory board is to scientifically accompany all aspects of the development of eCl@ss, to promote it with its own ideas and activities and also to support the spread of eCl@ss in the sciences.

Overview on the eCl@ss commitees